Masha Svyatogor began working on the series Everybody Strike! in 2020, during protests against the regime and usurpation of power in Belarus. Referring to the aesthetics of socialist realism, the work, on the one hand, reflects the dream of a general strike, stoppages at all factories and plants, a gesture of inspiration and encouragement for a common struggle. On the other hand, by using exaggerated, multiplied elements in the collage, the artist draws attention to the absurdity of the situation in which the country found itself and the fantasticality of this collectively born hope.

Words by Vera Zalutskaya; from the description of the work at the exhibition ODKSZTAŁCENIE / DEFORMATION / UNLEARNING curated by Vera Zalutskaya, Aleksei Borisionok and Raman Tratsiuk at Domie, Poznań, PL (2021)

︎Showcase at KVOST SchauFenster︎
Berlin ︎24.03-29.05.2021